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The change needed to overcome the challenges of the market cannot ignore the development of people and their professional skills. The Group's People Strategy for the three-year period 2014-2016 is focused on the motivation and skills of people and the organisation underlying their working activities.


Leadership can be exercised by everyone in relation to their activity. This is the basic concept behind the Telecom Italia Leadership Model, which is targeted at the whole company and will allow everyone to contribute to the profound development of skills needed to achieve the transformation process undertaken by the company.
As of this year, the 9 skills identified, translated into observable behaviours, will be included in the performance management system.

People Caring

According to Telecom Italia, social and economic sustainability depends first and foremost on respect and attention for the people working in the Group. Numerous initiatives are taken to ensure that people can go peaceably about their work and, as far as the Company is able to assist in this respect, their day-to-day personal lives. A group of people in the Company is dedicated entirely to listening to the needs expressed by employees and to developing initiatives which can satisfy them.

Telecom Italia's focus
on personal development

The fate of telecommunication companies lies in offering cutting edge technology and sales. This means that training people and managing their knowledge is no longer an option, it is an imperative.
Telecom Italia's aim is also to provide tools for professional growth that will become part of the employee's arsenal inside and outside the company. 2.8 million hours were provided in 2014.

Internal communication
in the Company

Unilateral communication is no longer sufficient to encourage involvement and develop thought. Telecom Italia is therefore engaged in a gradual "conversion" of the traditional communication channels (including the company intranet and portal) to more innovative ways of favouring two-way communication inspired by web 2.0 logic, promoting the exchange of ideas, dialogue and discussion between members of the corporate community.

Figures: Women in Telecom Italia


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