Ensure an immediate and effective response to customer requirements, modelling their conduct on business propriety, transparency in contractual relations and undertakings, courtesy and collaboration, ensuring customer focus and in full compliance with the principles established by company procedures. This is the aim pursued by Telecom Italia Group Companies.

Understanding and measuring customer expectations, in order to offer them the best experience (Customer Experience) and adopting a culture of continuous improvement, are the drivers needed to assert the centrality of the customer for the benefit of economic sustainability, loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.


In full compliance with privacy laws, since 2012, Telecom Italia has been monitoring "conversations" on the Web, regarding quality in the telecommunications sector. The aim is to make a prompt assessment of how customers perceive offers and services, gaining a greater insight into specific issues to support the business.


In order to ensure a constant improvement of services provided to customers, Telecom Italia has begun to test a more evolved listening system compared to the current one: the Net Promoter Score (NPS) allows customer word-of-mouth to be measured.


The spread of information and communication technology creates opportunities for progress. Telecom Italia is aware of its responsibility to avoid exposing the Community to geographical and socio-cultural gaps.
Alongside its plan to extend coverage, Telecom Italia has launched an additional plan to expand the active network to guarantee full usability of the service by customers.


Telecom Italia group companies have undertaken numerous initiatives to protect children from content that may harm their psychological and physical development (for example, content that is violent, racist, offensive to religious sentiment, pornographic, etc.).
These initiatives include those aimed at children, parents and teachers on the risks connected with new technologies and browsing the Internet (chat lines, instant messaging, forums, communities etc.).



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