At Telecom Italia, fair competition is considered to be in the interests of the company as well as of all market operators, customers and stakeholders in general. In view of this, the Company promotes and participates in initiatives and projects, together with competitors, and in the management of technical round tables and the activities of trade associations.

The initiatives implemented by Telecom Italia, both nationally and locally, in the context of associations and representation activities, are based on dialogue and a discussion of the respective positions aimed at identifying, where possible, a common position for the sector to be presented to institutions.

Monitoring reputation

In order to determine the reputation of the Telecom Italia and TIM brands, the volume of conversations concerning Telecom Italia on the most significant Italian websites and the main social networks is monitored on a quarterly basis.

Relations with AGCOM

Telecom Italia constantly interacts with AGCOM in order to contribute to governing the regulatory process on issues deemed to be of material importance. For this purpose, Telecom Italia pursues an honest dialogue and ongoing discussion with the Authorities and institutions with the aim of achieving a simple, effective and symmetrical regulatory framework.

The interaction with the Italian Competition and Market Authority

In the context of competition and consumer protection measures, Telecom Italia Group interacts with the Antitrust authority in a preventative way and during proceedings launched by it.
In order to ensure transparency, company departments organise periodic information meetings with the aim of making it easier to understand the development of the market and its effects on the Authority's areas of responsibility.

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