“To us ethical behavior implies a strong sense of responsibility towards stakeholders: that’s what we have
clearly stated in our Code of Ethics, together with our steadfast commitment to the principles
of the UN Global Compact and other major standards for the protection of human rights and labor,
the safeguard of the environment and the fight against corruption. Our constant support to the Global Compact
is confirmed by the progresses communicated in this report.”

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Albert Einstein often said that the value of a man must be measured by what he is able to give, not what he is able to receive. The way I see it, this is also true for companies.


Companies that aim to change the world, improve the sectors in which they operate. They are socially responsible, not only because it is right, but because it creates economic value. Telecom Italia is one of these. For us, sustainability means creating both economic and social value, creating a shared value; long-term economic development cannot be achieved unless greater social welfare and the protection of natural resources are guaranteed at the same time. In a globalised world, the motto “no man is an island” is becoming less of a poetic image and, with our contribution, more of a concrete, palpable and everyday experience. The world is increasingly interconnected and we contribute to designing, building and managing these connections. Telecom Italia puts people in contact, conveys our emotions, and the optical fibres are just the means by which we carry words, thoughts, music and images which, for better or worse, touch the hearts of people and enrich their lives. Our mission is, after all, to bring people closer.
We provide the countries in which we operate with our infrastructure and technology, to support the development of an increasingly digital culture that allows us to access services which improve our collective quality of life. Our broadband and ultra-broadband coverage objectives will allow us to improve welfare and economic opportunities for the country and for current and future generations. It is thanks to our people that our ambitions can be translated into concrete actions. For them, we have begun to implement the new People Strategy, which focuses on people’s motivation and skills and the organisation underlying their working activities. We have the vision, courage and skills required to be the protagonists of this change and all feel the responsibility to design a smarter, more inclusive and more sustainable future.

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