Corporate shared value

The Group is aware of the responsibilities that arise from its role as a market leader in electronic communication and therefore an enabler for improving well-being in the various contexts in which it operates.

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a strategic lever for long-term success. In recent years, the Company has felt the need to integrate CSR with business activities to create value for society and the company itself.

The Telecom Italia CSV Strategy

Telecom Italia has established a new strategy based on creating economic and social value, (Corporate Shared Value) with the aim of linking economic and financial results to the social progress created by responding to the needs expressed by the sectors in which it operates.

Pre-conditions for long-term
economic development

There can be no long-term economic development unless improvements in social welfare and the protection of natural resources are guaranteed. Telecom Italia agrees with this statement and its approach defines a different way of responding to the social needs of stakeholders and the economic needs of the Company.

Analysis of mega trends and social
needs conducted by Telecom Italia

Telecom Italia launched an analysis of the main mega trends and social need priorities of the country to which the Company, as an ICT industry operator, is best able to provide a concrete and effective answer.

The areas of intervention
for CSV creation

Telecom Italia's project ioRiciclo

In the context of reusing and recycling devices, Telecom Italia launched the IORiciclo project, encouraging its customers to hand back their unused mobile phones.
The collection of these mobile phones (7,000 in the month the initiative was launched alone) avoided the production of over 51,000 kg of CO2, generated by raw material extraction processes and the assembly of new devices, and 700 kg of WEEE waste to be treated appropriated.

Figures: Mobile phones recycling


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