Being sustainable

The importance of communication technology in people's lives and for economic and social development is growing all the time. As a result, Telecom Italia plays a primary role in the affairs of the countries where it operates.

Even though telecommunication is a low environmental impact sector, sustainable companies have a duty to do everything they can to reduce their environmental footprint. This awareness leads to all the initiatives implemented by Telecom Italia.

The Group's contribution
to society and the environment

The contribution a big telecommunication company can make to the community in terms of sustainability is invaluable. It includes overcoming the digital divide, introducing innovations to improve people's quality of life, protecting and ensuring the security of communications, offering services and products that contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

Managing social risks

Breaches of network security and privacy systems; use of telecommunication services to harm the mental and physical well-being of children; digital divide. These are some of the social risks most commonly associated with running a telecommunication business and which Telecom Italia is strongly committed to fighting.

Managing environmental risks

At Telecom Italia, specific Business Continuity strategies and procedures carefully consider and monitor the risks that external environmental conditions can present for business continuity (including: earthquakes, flooding and precipitation, particularly caused by climate change).

The Business Continuity
management System

The Telecom Italia Group's Business Continuity Management System follows the guidance provided by the ISO 22301 standard, which emphasises, among other things, the importance of understanding the needs of stakeholders, in terms of Business Continuity; introducing controls to deal with disruption caused by accidents, evaluating the effectiveness of the business continuity management system.

Human Rights

In order to ensure respect for Human Rights in its operations, for many years now Telecom Italia has adopted the UN framework on Business & Human Rights. In this context, Telecom Italia also considers those rights that are typical of the information society, including the right to have access to information, the right to privacy and online security.


Emergency care crew

The management of major emergencies as well as the planning activities and strategies to manage emergencies.


The cities in which we live are changing and the standard is becoming more suitable for those who live in them.

Innovation for Smart Cities

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